Isodagi - CV. Isodagi Sukses Sejati

Established in 2002, ISODAGI Sukses Sejati works in the food processing industry. Best known for their Milkfish (Bandeng Presto & Bandeng Cabut Duri) and edible frogs (Kodok Saklon & Kodok Sawah), ISODAGI's vision is to promote these local Indonesian cuisine worldwide. Being a substantial seafood in Southeast Asia and some Pacific Islands, the Milkfish has become increasingly popular in stores and markets due to its high nutritious benefits, consumption convenience, and delicious taste.

ISODAGI's milkfish products are currently being distributed in:

  • Jakarta
  • Bandung
  • Semarang
  • Salatiga
  • Magelang
  • Jogjakarta
  • Solo
  • Sragen
  • Ngawi
  • Weleri
  • Gringsing